Sunday, 25 October 2015

Underneath Your Clothes

The warmer weather is here, to my infinite relief and I have been sorting through my clothes from last season. I still really like almost all of them, so one of the challenges I have set myself is to find new ways to wear them. You may remember this top from last summer - I loved the strappy style, but struggled with the fear of scar exposure. I ultimately found a work-around with fashion tape. This season I have found another solution, and one that I feel really happy with.
                                                   Tunic: Nicola Waite
                                                   Shorts: Country Road
I bought this sheer tunic as a layering piece to wear over shorts. I figured it would minimise skin exposure whilst still giving me the coolness and airflow of exposing my legs. Happily, I discovered that it also works for strappy tops. The high neck and close fit means I can be confident that I am not showing the world my chest, whilst the light style still looks summer-y and cool and feels comfortable to wear.

 Sheer and lacey garments seem to be trending at the moment - I am seeing a lot of sheer skirts with opaque linings that end above the knee, so I am happy to have found another way to make this look work for me.

Have you restyled any of your garments from last season?

Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira

Monday, 19 October 2015

Happy Birthday, Helen

How cool would it be to have a song written for you to celebrate your birthday? I always enjoy the little insight into relationships that songs written for a specific person gives. Yesterday was my 48th birthday and whilst I did not have a song written for me, my lovely boys did work together to make a delicious meal that we all shared. Eating and talking and laughing with my husband, my sons and their beautiful girlfriends is one of my greatest joys.
                                           Tunic:Nicola Waite
                                           Gilet: ScanlanTheodore
                                            Shorts: Country Road
                                            Shoes: Wittner
This was what I wore to dinner with my Uni girlfriends on Friday night. The 70's look is really big in stores at the moment and this gilet is one of many I have seen around.  I really like the way the fastening gives some emphasis at the waist but allows the gilet to open out at the top and bottom, creating an hourglass shape. I think simple, long lines like this are very flattering on a straight figure and I have tried to keep the look as cohesive as possible by wearing a long, sheer tunic underneath.

The advantage of a piece that goes over the top of other clothes is that it skims the body and gives just a hint of shape rather than clinging. It also dresses up more casual clothes: I am wearing shorts under the sheer tunic, which is not something I would not usually choose when going to a nice restaurant. I think this gilet is going to be my go-to piece for smart casual occasions over summer.

Have any of the 70's looks caught your eye recently?

Happy Birthday Helen by Things of Stone and Wood