Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hello again

It's hard to believe that it has been nearly 6 months since my last post. Suffice to say, I think in my haste to try and re-establish my life and reclaim the aspects that I had put on hold after my diagnosis, I may have bitten off more than I could chew! I also found that whilst physical recovery happened quite quickly, the emotional stuff takes a bit longer, especially as it invariably involves renegotiating relationships. Anyway, this semester I have taken one fewer subject at Uni, decided to try and keep work to four days a week and made a list of the things I find enjoyable and fulfilling, and promised myself to do more of those! Fashion definitely made the list and that realisation gave me the push I needed to give this blog some love.

I have heard a number of women comment that they find post-mastectomy dressing easier in winter, because they can layer. Unfortunately, that hasn't been my experience. I usually want to wear long-sleeved T-shirt styles, layered under jumpers, a combination that is fairly close-fitting. Whilst it is warm and comfortable it is not especially flattering so I was keen to find a few work-arounds for situations where I think I will feel self-conscious. Of course, wearing a scarf is always a good option but sometimes I want a simpler look.
My basic winter casual uniform. Flat and fabulous.
Jeans:Country Road
One of the my favourite items from summer was my cropped top, and I was very happy to see that the cropped trend has continued into winter (and now in the new Spring fashion hitting the store). I plan to stock up on this trend, because I can see myself wearing it even when it is not trendy anymore: it covers up my chest, it provides a bit of extra warmth over my torso and it finishes at waist level, so I have the option of emphasising my waist with a belt, or hiding it under a longer shirt layered under the crop as I have done today.
                                                       Crop top:Veronika Maine
Another style I have embraced is the drapey knit. I was not convinced about these when I first saw them in shops as I was concerned that they would be too thin to provide much warmth. However, I have actually been very comfortable when I have worn this as an outer layer, and I think the soft folds look quite arty and interesting.
                                                               Knit: Veronika Maine

And of course, if I am going to be outside, I always have the option of a coat to layer over the top. This jacket was my winter splurge. It is wool and is very warm and comfortable. It is a casual style, but I think that the straight cut and the breast pockets look good on a straighter figure. I have found this winter to be very cold. I'm not sure if it has actually been colder this year, or if it has been the effect of less insulation on my body but whatever the cause, this coat has been very welcome.
                          I feel a bit like the Fonz in this. Ehhhh. And I need a haircut!
                                                           Short coat: Cue
How do you stay warm and comfortable in winter? Are you a fan of lots of layers? See you next week!


  1. Sharon, it's about time lol. So glad you are posting again. You are quite the artful layerer! You winter 'uniform' looks great. Long layering under the crop top is such a cool look. My challenge with the crop tops is that I always feel so out of proportion due to my bust, I think it's a look that does actually work extremely well and so flattering (no pun intended) of a flatter chest. The draped knit is gorgeous. I have one in grey and one in black (and Metalicus did a version too) but haven't worn mine much. It works beautifully on you.

  2. Thanks, Deborah. I am actually really excited to be back. I always think of you when I wear this knit, as you wear drapey tops so well!

  3. Dear Sharon

    … i am so glad to read your new post!
    this past 6 months i stopped by occasionally and every time i thought: „i really hope no news are not bad news!“

    i don’t know exactly when i found your blog, but it must have been sometime in 2013 - i’m just a silent reader, i’m not so competent in fashion to give you any tips, but i’m dealing with nearly the same problem and love the way you handle with this situation.

    i’m on the way to find „my“ wardrobe at another end of the world, in another climatic zone and my body shape isn’t the same as yours, but nonetheless i like your tips.
    and through your blog i learned the importance of the side view - it really makes a difference to look in the mirror side-face to check the impression before leaving home.

    thank you for your time and your input - and i wish you all the very best and a constant good health …

    kind regards from a stranger

  4. eve, thank you so much for your kind words and your good wishes. I really appreciate your words. Sometimes just knowing that others struggle with the same issues can be reassuring. I hope you are well and happy.xx