Saturday, 25 July 2015

Winter Winds

An unexpected (although in retrospect, logical and predictable) consequence of scheduling in social time with my friends has been that I now go out in the evening during the winter months more frequently than I have before. Usually, I spend my winter evenings ensconced on the lounge in my pyjamas, but a night out with the girls calls for more glamorous attire. I find that creating outfits with some glamour in winter is much more difficult that in summer. In warm weather I can wear bright colours and light fabrics that create a fun and carefree feel, but in winter the heavy fabrics and dark colours feel more serious and sombre.
                                                                     Knit: Veronika Maine
I bought this knit to give me a dressy option to wear in the evenings. The lacy look is delicate and pretty and allows me to show a little skin, whilst the long sleeves are surprisingly warm. It is slightly loose fitting, and whilst it does not give me any volume over my chest, I think the textural effect of the top and it's combination with a statement style of bottom, ensures that the focus of the outfit is elsewhere.
                                                           Jeans: Country Road
                                                           Boots: Wittner
                                                           Coat: Veronika Maine
I have worn my new knit twice this week. The first time was to meet some friends for a casual dinner after work and I wore a plain T-shirt underneath, both for warmth and to showcase the lace pattern of the top. I paired it with my silver jeans to add a touch of shine and provide a dressy edge to the practicality of flat boots and a simple silhouette.
Skirt:Veronika Maine

The second outfit was for a long overdue catch-up at a more formal location. This time I wore a simple camisole under the top so as to expose a hint of skin and paired it with the full skirt I wore to my niece's wedding last year. The skirt is definitely a statement piece and I like the idea of wearing a top with a fairly straight shape when it is paired with this much volume on the bottom. And of course, a pair of killer heels always helps when you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls. I took these photos before the sun went down, so I had not done my hair or make-up and I swapped out the tights for sheer pantyhose before I left, but you get the general idea!

How do you dress up in winter?

Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons

Friday, 17 July 2015


Years ago, when we were watching our young children play, another parent commented that my youngest son was very "in his body". At the time, I thought it was quite an odd comment. I couldn't really see what other option he had, but I think I now understand what she was talking about. She was referring to the joy he experienced in movement and his ownership of his physicality.

This is an experience that has come fairly late in life to me. About 6 months before my diagnosis I had begun a program with Precision Nutrition and had changed my diet, lost weight and was exercising daily. I loved the way I felt with those positive changes and have continued to use the tools I learned in the program, but I must confess to never really understanding the exhortation to "find an exercise that you enjoy". I saw exercise as a means to an end and whilst I greatly enjoyed the wellbeing and sense of achievement that it brought, I never thought of it as fun.
 Well, that has changed recently, after I enrolled in a course at Vulcana Women's Circus. I have completed a Circus Essentials course and am now doing an Aerials course and although the lessons involve working quite hard, I enjoy every minute of it and look forward to the class all week.  So I guess the message is that if you haven't found an exercise you love-KEEP LOOKING!! The two things that have given me the greatest sense of ownership and pride in my body since my surgery have been exercise and fashion. They are the things that allow me to be "in my body", to inhabit my physicality and feel good about the way I appear in the world. What are yours?

                                                       Jeans: Jag
This is what I am wearing today for a quiet day at home. I really like shawl and draped collars on jackets, as they give nice volume over my chest, but this one does remind me a bit of my dressing gown, which is a similar colour! It's one of those pieces that I appreciate for it's practicality and comfort, but feel a little ambivalent about.
I have noticed that my style has evolved quite a bit as I adjust to what works with my body now, and I am finding myself drawn to straighter, simpler silhouettes. I suspect that drapey pieces may look better on curvier figures, but in the middle of a Brisbane winter I am quite grateful for the cosy, dressing-gown-like qualities of this cardigan and will continue to wear it for the remainder of the season.
Do you have clothes that you wear because they are too easy and practical to let go of?

Everybody by Backstreet Boys

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sign Your Name

Well, I need to start with an apology for my long absence. I struggle with winter. A lot. The cold weather and grey skies seem to sap all my enthusiasm and creativity and I spend my time dreaming of summer and wishing I could hibernate. I will attempt to fight the urge to spend the next two months wrapped in a blanket in front of the TV, because I actually feel really excited and happy about my winter clothes this year.

Do you have a colour that you wear as part of most of your outfits? Along with the idea of uniforms, I have also been fascinated by the concept of a "signature colour". Angie at YouLookFab often mentions her love of bright, sour colours. Deborah at Stylish Murmurs corners the market in black and Janice at The Vivienne Files uses the idea of a signature colour in many of her capsules. My own approach has always been a bit haphazard, but planning and building a winter wardrobe has allowed me to step back a bit and realise that I love to incorporate a bit of tan into my outfits. I like the muted richness that the shade brings to the mostly neutral outfits that I wear. I love the way it plays with navy, my new favourite dark neutral base. And I enjoy the way it allows me to repeat my hair colour in my outfit.
                                                        Pants:Country Road (with Uniqlo leggings underneath!)
I bought this top at the beginning of winter, and have only just managed to get a picture. It is definitely a straight style, which I have mostly avoided in other tops as they feel too masculine. Surprisingly, I have found that I really enjoy the slightly boyish look this top imparts when I wear it with bottoms that have more volume. Paired with slouchy pants or an A-line skirt, the straightness of the top is offset by the curviness at the bottom, so it still feels playful and feminine. Isn't it interesting how often things come back to proportions, and how we feel in our clothes?

The bag was a birthday gift from my husband about 5 years ago, and I still love it and carry it every day. It is the perfect shade of tan. I also have a belt and a scarf in the same shade. I'm not sure if I can commit to one colour as my signature, but if I decide that I will, I think tan will be it!

 Do you have a signature colour? How did you arrive at it?

Sign Your Name by Terence Trent D'Arby