Friday, 17 July 2015


Years ago, when we were watching our young children play, another parent commented that my youngest son was very "in his body". At the time, I thought it was quite an odd comment. I couldn't really see what other option he had, but I think I now understand what she was talking about. She was referring to the joy he experienced in movement and his ownership of his physicality.

This is an experience that has come fairly late in life to me. About 6 months before my diagnosis I had begun a program with Precision Nutrition and had changed my diet, lost weight and was exercising daily. I loved the way I felt with those positive changes and have continued to use the tools I learned in the program, but I must confess to never really understanding the exhortation to "find an exercise that you enjoy". I saw exercise as a means to an end and whilst I greatly enjoyed the wellbeing and sense of achievement that it brought, I never thought of it as fun.
 Well, that has changed recently, after I enrolled in a course at Vulcana Women's Circus. I have completed a Circus Essentials course and am now doing an Aerials course and although the lessons involve working quite hard, I enjoy every minute of it and look forward to the class all week.  So I guess the message is that if you haven't found an exercise you love-KEEP LOOKING!! The two things that have given me the greatest sense of ownership and pride in my body since my surgery have been exercise and fashion. They are the things that allow me to be "in my body", to inhabit my physicality and feel good about the way I appear in the world. What are yours?

                                                       Jeans: Jag
This is what I am wearing today for a quiet day at home. I really like shawl and draped collars on jackets, as they give nice volume over my chest, but this one does remind me a bit of my dressing gown, which is a similar colour! It's one of those pieces that I appreciate for it's practicality and comfort, but feel a little ambivalent about.
I have noticed that my style has evolved quite a bit as I adjust to what works with my body now, and I am finding myself drawn to straighter, simpler silhouettes. I suspect that drapey pieces may look better on curvier figures, but in the middle of a Brisbane winter I am quite grateful for the cosy, dressing-gown-like qualities of this cardigan and will continue to wear it for the remainder of the season.
Do you have clothes that you wear because they are too easy and practical to let go of?

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  1. Sharon, thanks for the encouragement. I hate exercise, but need to do it, I just need to find the right form of exercise and have it be fun! Love your outfit. I would wear this in a heartbeat, and you have inspired me how I might wear my unloved taupe boots:) In answer to your question, I am pretty brutal and only keep things that make me feel good, no matter what if I wear it at home, to work, or out.

    1. The hardest bit is getting started!
      You always wear drapy things beautifully. Taupe can be a tricky colour - these boots read a bit "cooler" than my usual wardrobe colours. I have persevered with them because hubby really likes them.

  2. That cardi is too good to let go of. I think you can wear any shape with your straighter figure. I used to be very thin, then medication made me gain weight (and curves) and I still haven't found my niche. I am drawn to shapes that flattered my other body. I'm having to relearn to be in THIS body.

    I do love those boots too. Oh boy you make me pine for boot weather.

    1. It can be so tricky, Megan. I hear you on choosing clothes for your old body! I hate cold weather, but the fashion is a small compensation.