Saturday, 25 July 2015

Winter Winds

An unexpected (although in retrospect, logical and predictable) consequence of scheduling in social time with my friends has been that I now go out in the evening during the winter months more frequently than I have before. Usually, I spend my winter evenings ensconced on the lounge in my pyjamas, but a night out with the girls calls for more glamorous attire. I find that creating outfits with some glamour in winter is much more difficult that in summer. In warm weather I can wear bright colours and light fabrics that create a fun and carefree feel, but in winter the heavy fabrics and dark colours feel more serious and sombre.
                                                                     Knit: Veronika Maine
I bought this knit to give me a dressy option to wear in the evenings. The lacy look is delicate and pretty and allows me to show a little skin, whilst the long sleeves are surprisingly warm. It is slightly loose fitting, and whilst it does not give me any volume over my chest, I think the textural effect of the top and it's combination with a statement style of bottom, ensures that the focus of the outfit is elsewhere.
                                                           Jeans: Country Road
                                                           Boots: Wittner
                                                           Coat: Veronika Maine
I have worn my new knit twice this week. The first time was to meet some friends for a casual dinner after work and I wore a plain T-shirt underneath, both for warmth and to showcase the lace pattern of the top. I paired it with my silver jeans to add a touch of shine and provide a dressy edge to the practicality of flat boots and a simple silhouette.
Skirt:Veronika Maine

The second outfit was for a long overdue catch-up at a more formal location. This time I wore a simple camisole under the top so as to expose a hint of skin and paired it with the full skirt I wore to my niece's wedding last year. The skirt is definitely a statement piece and I like the idea of wearing a top with a fairly straight shape when it is paired with this much volume on the bottom. And of course, a pair of killer heels always helps when you are heading out for a night on the town with the girls. I took these photos before the sun went down, so I had not done my hair or make-up and I swapped out the tights for sheer pantyhose before I left, but you get the general idea!

How do you dress up in winter?

Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons


  1. Love the sweater/jeans/boots outfit. Looks fantastic on you x

    1. Thanks, Mils. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! xxx

  2. Love the sweater/jeans/boots outfit. Looks fantastic on you x