Sunday, 19 April 2015

All About That Bass

It took me quite a while to become accustomed to not wearing a bra. Having worn one every day for my entire adult life, I felt quite naked when venturing out without anything underneath my tops. In summer when the weather is warm that is a good thing, but as the weather cools down I begin to miss the extra layer of insulation. I discovered the Uniqlo Heatech range last year and have found their camisoles to be soft and warm. I have been wearing one most days now that the temperatures are starting to drop and I am enjoying both the comfort and the visual simplicity that allows it to be worn either as underwear or as a simple base to allow a statement piece to shine.
                                                              Camisole: Uniqlo
                                                              Jacket: Cue
                                                              Belt: Elizabeth Kelly via Etsy

I had to show you this outfit, as I received the tan obi belt I ordered in February and this was it's first outing. A very kind older lady flagged me down in the shopping centre and told me I looked smart and that she loved what I was wearing, so I am counting it as a win! This jacket is one I bought last year but found difficult to style. I think with this outfit I may have hit on the right formula: creating waist definition, sticking with a simple top and skirt, and allowing the jacket and belt to be the stars of the show.
Sports-style jackets are having a big fashion moment currently and I like the way they look on a flat chest. The style is cut fairly straight, so it avoids the empty front of more tailored jackets and the colour-blocking and knit inserts provide the appearance of curves. The combination of a camisole and a jacket provides the perfect level of warmth for this time of year. I think I will be repeating this formula frequently over the next few months.
This was a good lesson for me, that sometimes a good base is all you need.  Except try to do a little better than I did and make sure your camisole edge has not rolled up and made a lump under your skirt. Sometimes the camera can be cruel!

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor


  1. Wow, Sharon, this is gorgeous. Such a beautifully put together outfit. I would never have considered putting tan with the black and white. It's genius and looks fabulous.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I think part of the reason I like it is that it bookends my hair colour. I am contemplating some tan shoes for the same reason!

  2. Your last little bit here hit on an issue I am having...camisoles tend to bunch up or ride up on me and I am tugging at them all the that is is getting really hot here, I will not be wearing them as much, so the issue is on hold. I would love suggestions from other readers if they have found under garments that do not provide bulk under an outfit but also dont ride up! I will check out the one you have mentioned as well Sharon.

    1. I sometimes tuck them into my tights, if I realise. Lucky you, having the warm weather arrive! I hate winter.