Sunday, 7 September 2014

Father's Day

This has been a very busy weekend for me. Sunday was Father's Day and also my eldest son's 23rd birthday. I tell my husband that I am a pretty fabulous gift-giver. Not many men get a son for Father's Day! The other fun thing happening at the moment is the Brisbane Writer's Festival and on Sunday we spent the day there listening to some fascinating panel discussions and talks. I wanted to wear something comfortable and loose, but also a little dressy because we planned to go out for dinner afterwards.
                                                                 Pants and T-shirt -Veronika Maine
                                                                 Shoes-Joanne Mercer
This is a little brighter than I normally wear, but I like the happy, arty vibe. These pants are from last summer. They are very soft and loose and extremely comfortable for both listening and eating! I wore a scarf across my chest which turned out to be fortuitous as the breeze was quite cool and the extra layer was welcome. I bought this short jacket this month and really like the cropped style and the warmth it provides as we slowly transition to Spring.
                                                                Jacket-Veronika Maine
After the Writer's Festival, we went out to Harajuku Gyoza for dumplings and sake, and then for ice-cream. It was lovely to have my family together. We all took turns at telling a story or fond memory about the birthday boy, much to his embarrassment, but I hope that the evening will become a fond memory for him. Here is a photo of him enjoying his birthday dinner.

How did you celebrate Father's Day?
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  1. Sharon your son is handsome young man:). Fab outfit. The drape on those pants is beautiful. The outfit makes me think of Kathryn Hepburn and her wide legged masculine style pants.

  2. Thanks, Deborah. That is exactly the look I am going - I love Kate!