Sunday, 14 September 2014

The First Cut Is The Deepest

A few weeks ago, I mentioned how much I was enjoying the crop top trend and my intention to buy a few more of them. It's quite exciting to me to discover a silhouette I feel so comfortable in and it brings back fond memories of my adolescence when I wore them the first time around. I spent the weekend doing a bit of sewing so I thought I would show you the result of my efforts and the two crop tops that I have added to my original one from last year.
                                             Skirt:Veronika Maine
                                             Crop: Veronika Maine
                                             Shoes: Wittner
This is a skirt I wore a lot in summer last year. When I tried it on this week, I still liked it but it felt a bit short. It seems that my eye has become more accustomed to midi skirts and the proportions just looked wrong to me. I spent a chunk of Saturday sewing a wide piece of lace edging to the bottom of the skirt, giving it a bit more length. I was really pleased with how this turned out. This is the crop top I showed you a few weeks ago, when I layered it over a long top. It is just long enough to be worn on it's own without exposing any skin, so today it is going solo.
                                                Crop: Carla Zampatti
This is my new crop, which I have had on layby for the past 6 weeks. I was so excited to get it home. It is much shorter and I am wearing it as a layering piece over a camisole. It feels so pretty and feminine and I love the textural element of the fabric.

I was trying to analyse what it is about crop tops that is so appealing to me, and I have concluded that they perform a number of valuable services: they cover up my chest and provide me with a sense of privacy and protection, they allow me to expose my waist and project a feminine shape even in the absence of breasts and they give me the opportunity to add interest  to some of my plainer, simpler outfits. And perhaps the first time we wear a fashion  in our younger years leaves an indelible impression that we never fully leave behind. Do you have any fashions from your youth that you still truly, madly, deeply love?

The First Cut Is The Deepest by Cat Stevens


  1. Sharon, the new crop top is just stunning! And it's nice to know I am not the only one who still resorts to the good old layby:) This is a beautiful silhouette on you and the alternation to the skirt is very clever. I am not sure I do have any styles from my youth that I still love. I tended to dress a little too grown up when I was younger. Hmm but thinking on it, I do still have a very soft spot for the New Romantic styles of the 80's but I just don't think I can go back :)

  2. dear Sharon

    i really like the look you’re creating with the crop tops and the skirt. you have such a tiny waste so it looks absolutely feminin. (personaly i prefer the first combo because of the flare at the bottom from the second one.)

    in my youth i had some more extra pounds and my figure changed very early to an anyway not so feminin appearance, i just wanted to hide it behind wide clothes - i’m more pleased with me and interested in fashion since the last two/three years …

    my best wishes

  3. Deborah, thanks. New Romantic was a very maximal style - I just can't imagine it for you after seeing your current sleek, drapey outfits.

    Eve, one thing I have learned over at is that you can look good at any shape or size. I'm glad you have rediscovered fashion. I love how it gives you the opportunity every day to choose how you want to be seen.