Sunday, 21 December 2014

Dress You Up

I am a big fan of dresses. I love the femininity and elegance of wearing a dress and it is hard to beat the ease of a dress and heels for a special occasion. Unfortunately, I have found it hard to find dresses I feel good in. The majority of them are definitely made for curves. I thought I would show you a new dress that I do feel  good in, and which I think works well with a straight body. This was my birthday present from my husband. The fabric is lovely and the simplicity of the style really appeals to me.
This is another example of clothing that does not disguise my chest. I like the smoothness and drape of the fabric and the contrast between the volume at the back and the straightness at the front. I wore this to a work Christmas party and felt quite stylish. I have also experimented a little with accessories and layers for the days when I am feeling a little less brave about my body shape.

I have showed you this crop top once before, and I usually wear it with skirts, but I am happy with how it looks over this dress also. Having it as an option provides me with a bit of extra choice and versatility in how I present myself. Sometimes, I don't want the flatness of my chest to be so obvious and a crop rescues me from that concern.
Do you like dresses? And if so, are there styles that especially appeal to you?

Dress You Up by Madonna


  1. Sharon, that dress is so gorgeous! And such clever stying with the crop top. Very flattering and so feminine. I wonder if some of the drapey Metalicus tops and dresses would work well on you??

  2. Deborah, I haven't actually tried Metalicus. I must confess I was a bit concerned that jersey would be too clingy on my torso. I must have a little look there next time I'm at the big shops.