Thursday, 25 December 2014

White Wine In The Sun

One of my enduring memories of childhood Christmases is the excitement of new clothes. Christmas always saw a pretty new dress added to my wardrobe, usually received on Christmas Eve, in advance of the rest of my presents, in order to have something special to wear to church. I have continued that tradition into adulthood, and usually buy a new dress for Christmas. This year, I took a different approach and bought a skirt and top in matching fabric - a two piece dress. This gives me the appearance of a dress whilst managing avoid the dress dilemma I wrote about last week. It also gives me the option of mixing and matching the top and skirt with other items in my wardrobe.
                                                     Top and skirt: ScanlonTheodore
                                                     Shoes: Wittner
The top has a trapeze shape and the hem is stiffened, which means it sits away from my body and maintains it's structure. The skirt is similar, and whilst it is possibly a little shorter than I would usually choose, I think the volume, structure and high-low hem effect give me a little lee-way. The fabric is a lace material and feels very pretty and feminine. I am quite smitten.

I wore this on Christmas day, which I shared with my husband, my two sons, their girlfriends, my brother-in-law and his partner. We had a lovely lunch with lots of laughter and Bob Dylan murdering Christmas carols in the background (another family tradition). After lunch we took advantage of the heat and went for a swim. It was one of the nicest Christmas days I have had and I feel so lucky to be here and be surrounded by my wonderful family.

I hope you all got to spend Christmas with the people who love you most. xx

White Wine in the Sun by Tim Minchin


  1. Sharon, Merry Christmas, what a lovely day you had. That two piece dress is fabulous!! I think it's the unconventionality of it that appeals so much. It really does fit the JFE (just flattering enough) category in the most wonderful way.

  2. Thanks, Deborah, I quite like that it is not at all body-con. It feels a bit futuristic, the way it takes on it's own shape.