Saturday, 31 January 2015

Relatively Easy

Over the last 18 months, I have had to replace most of my old clothes and I realised a couple of months ago that I now have a summer wardrobe that is more or less complete. It feels great to know that I can easily choose items from my closet and create outfits I feel good in. It also feels great to have a sense of peace about my appearance and not feel that I just need to buy "x" in order to look OK. And it means that I can use my clothing budget to save for special items that I love, not just functional items that I need.
                                                             Crop: ScanlonTheodore
                                                             Shirt:Veronika Maine
This top is a bit of a wild card for me. Bright orange is not a colour I have a lot of in my wardrobe. It does fulfil a number of my clothing choice criteria, though. It is cropped and loose, which is one of my favourite styles this season. It is made of a thick fabric that has structural integrity and does not cling to my body. It looks good with my other, mostly neutral clothes. And it can be worn back-to-front, thus providing length variation that increases the versatility of what I can pair it with. The skirt I am wearing here is from the two-piece dress outfit I wore at Christmas, and the shirt is the self-patterned floral one that I showed you a few week ago.
I wore this out to dinner with my girlfriends and felt great. I am looking forward to wearing the crop top in winter, when it is bleak and dark and a splash of colour is just what is needed to lift the spirits. And I am enjoying getting to a point where choosing clothes and putting together outfits has become relatively easy.

I also wanted to share with you a glimpse of our anniversary gift to each other: photographs taken by the very talented Juanita of Broderick Photography. We are delighted to have such beautiful images to mark a special milestone. Whatever happens in the future, it is lovely to record this time when we are happy, healthy and having fun.

Relatively Easy by Jason Isbell


  1. Sharon, your outfit is gorgeous and how fab to be in that place with your wardrobe working so well for you. And thank you for sharing your beautiful anniversary photos.. what a good looking couple!

  2. Thanks, Deborah. Juanita took family photos for us 5 years ago and we still love them, so it seemed like a more meaningful choice of anniversary present than a piece of jewellery.