Friday, 6 February 2015

Que Sera

One of the posts I always look forward to over at YouLookFab is Angie's take on the trends of the upcoming season. One trend she has noted made me very excited, namely the return of waist definition. I love the femininity of outfits with a defined waist, although as I have mentioned before, I struggle with the competing priority of having volume over my chest.

Today, I thought I would experiment with an obi belt. I bought this through an Etsy vendor, Elizabeth Kelly back in 2012, and much as I loved it, I struggled to style it. Part of the problem was that large breasts do not leave a lot of real estate available between the shoulders and the hips, and so I could never get the proportions right. One of the fashion wins from my mastectomy is that there is now lots of room for a wide belt and it allows me to cinch in roomier tops giving me both volume and definition! It feels good to give an old love a new lease on life.
                                                 Top: Veronika Maine
                                                 Shorts: Country Road
                                                 Shoes: Wittner
This is a casual, day-at-home outfit, but I would also feel happy to wear this to work with a pencil skirt or skinny pants on the bottom. The nice thing about a wide belt is that is is actually very comfortable, especially the obi styles that tie up, rather than buckle. I am planning to spend my February clothing budget on another belt like this in tan, as I think this is a style I will wear more of in the future and I like the idea of repeating my hair colour in my outfit.
Winter fashions have not yet hit Australian stores, but I am looking forward to seeing  the pretty new things when they do. Over summer, I have developed a number of silhouettes that I feel comfortable wearing and confident putting together, which I will share with you next week. I hope to be able to develop some winter silhouettes that I feel equally happy with, as I spent most of last winter feeling dumpy and frumpy! 

Que Sera by Justice Crew


  1. Dumpy and frumpy are two words I would never associate with you Sharon! :) This outfit looks fantastic. I am a huge fan of the obi belt and I have a couple but struggle with the issues you mention along with the fact that I am kind of short in the torso :) This is very cool and edgy styling. You look fab!!

  2. Got a link from Sal, and can I say your style is AMAZING. So dreamy.

  3. Thank you, Megan. You are very kind. :)