Friday, 13 February 2015

Summer Nights

The weather has started to cool here. Not that it is actually cold, but we haven't had a day over 30C for the past two weeks. I am quite sad to see summer drawing to a close, as it is my favourite season and I love to feel the warm air on my skin at the end of a long day in an air-conditioned building. I also love my summer wardrobe and as promised last week, I have had a think about the silhouettes I wore most, in the hope of being able to translate this into winter. This is what I have come up with:
Shorts with a trapeze top
This has been my go-to casual outfit. Wearing shorts is cool and practical for my climate and the trapeze top provides structure and movement. The key has been finding tops with sufficient volume and body in the fabric.

Pencil skirt and loose top
This is my fall-back outfit combination for my work life. I like the femininity and shape that a pencil skirt provides, but I have found it tricky to get the right top

Loose bottoms and a cropped top
Loose bottoms is a fairly broad category, encompassing roomy pants, A-line skirts and culottes. Happily, all of those styles seem to work with my beloved crop tops. The alternative to a cropped top has been a tucked or welted top that exposes the waist.

Shift or trapeze style dresses
I love dresses but they have not had as much wear this summer, with the possible exception of my green dress, which is easy and cool on very hot days. I suspect the gap between how I wish I looked in a dress and the reality is still too great for me to feel completely at peace with wearing them.

My plan for winter is to try layering my crop tops over long sleeved shirts and knits. I would like to find a trapeze-shaped long sleeved top for winter, but whilst I wait for the right one to come along, I will wear jackets over my short sleeved tops. It is really only the early mornings and nights that need a bit of extra warmth at the moment. What are your plans for transitioning your wardrobe into winter?

Summer Nights - Grease soundtrack


  1. Sharon, what a fantastic collection of outfits:) I like the idea of transitioning your crop tops into winter, I can really see that working. Unlike you, I don't like summer and am pining for my winter wardrobe lol. I dream about wearing my boots! A lot of the newer things I have should transition nicely as they really are transeasonal fabrics. Lots of layering for me.

  2. I will be taking notes! Or maybe you could offer a remedial winter dressing class for the cold weather-haters like me. :)

  3. Since I am on the other side of the globe-Arizona,US- we are now entering into our warm weather, so I can happily use the ideas and concepts you have summarized here..thanks so much! I am a huge fan of a shift dress but finding it hard to find ones that dont have those dreaded darts at the bust...will keep looking! Iagree that separates is a more comfortable look for me right now. One challenge I am facing and would love did you handle the bathing suit situation ?

  4. I've been putting this off for a year now, Vickie, but I'll post some pictures of my swimsuit options today!