Saturday, 7 March 2015

Just A Feeling

Last week, I went out (on a school night!) to see Charlie Musselwhite sing the blues. I must confess that when I go to music venues these day I am always slightly worried that I will be refused entry for being too middle-aged and uncool. Happily, my fears were unfounded. The Triffid is fairly recently opened and whilst it is definitely cool, it is also very welcoming and has a great beer garden for pre-show relaxing. It did present me with a dilemma about what to wear though, and that lead to another fashion breakthrough for me.
                                                         Camisole:Scanlon Theodore
                                                         Pants: Scanlon Theodore
I have two words for you: Fashion Tape! I love having bare arms and shoulders in summer and I think the strappy camisole style is especially sexy and fun for a night out. I could never wear the style before my mastectomy because of the bra issue, but I was very disappointed to find it didn't really work for me after my surgery, either. The two main issues were the risk of scar exposure from the lower, open neck and my anxiety about the appearance of my chest. Then I found this camisole, and realised that wearing something beautiful sometimes gives me as much joy as looking beautiful wearing something more flattering.

As you can see, the fashion tape completely took care of the scar exposure issue. I haven't used it before, but I have to tell you that it works great! I put a strip along the entire top edge of the camisole, and I'm pleased to report that it stayed exactly where I put it for the entire show. And I may have been dancing just a little bit. Don't tell my sons; they would be mortified!
What feelings are the most influential for you when you are choosing clothes?

Just A Feeling  Charlie Musselwhite


  1. I have to admit I came back here to look at the pictures from last March when I was over, but I came across this post and have decided that you should wear this outfit at least once a week!