Sunday, 10 May 2015

Mother and Child Reunion

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers who read this! My mother lives interstate, so we were not able to spend the day together. However, I did get to spend time with my own children. My sons are a source of great joy and pride for me and I always enjoy the time we have together immensely. They have both grown into such interesting, thoughtful and funny men, and I am so pleased to see them happy, settled in relationships with beautiful young women and making their own way in their lives. We have a meal together every month. The boys bring their girlfriends and my husband and I get to catch up on all the news and plans and happenings. This weekend we went to Moga, a Japanese restaurant and had a wonderful meal and a fun time catching up.
                                                             T-shirt:Veronika Maine
                                                             Jeans:Country Road
                                                             Boots: Wittner
This is what I wore to our lunch. None of these items are new, but I have not worn them together before. The jeans and long-sleeved T are both items I had in my closet before my surgery and you have seen the crop before in my summer outfits from this year. I find myself almost always wearing neutrals these days, so wearing a combination of three different colours was quite a departure but one that I felt good in!

As you can see, this is really a variation of the uniform I posted last week, but with a crop in place of a blazer. I love the bright pop of colour the crop provides: I struggle with the cold and dark of winter and wearing a warm and happy colour helps me feel a bit better about the season. I'm hoping that a bit of bright colour and some lipstick will be enough to carry me through the dark months. That, and my lovely boys!
How did you celebrate Mother's Day?

Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon

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