Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Fade To Grey

My husband travelled interstate last week to spend some time with his parents, so I lost my photographer, but he was kind enough to capture this outfit when he returned. It is a casual outfit that I was wearing for a day a home but the day was one of the few cooler ones we experience here in Autumn, hence the long sleeves.

Last Winter, I realised that I loved the warmth and ease of long-sleeved T-shirts, but was not a fan of how they looked on me. I had a few different fixes for that last year: crop tops worn over the shirt, jackets with detail on the front and scarves. This is another variation on that theme: a draped knit vest.
                                   T-shirt: Sportscraft
                                   Culottes:Veronika Maine
This particular one can be worn a few different ways, but the general idea of wearing a light-weight layer over my torso remains the same. I like the contrast that the drape and generally unstructured style of the vest creates with my more dressy pieces. I have also worn this vest over a fitted, body-con dress and enjoyed the effect.
Balancing comfort and aesthetics can sometimes be tricky, but I have fun experimenting and in my view, feeling good and having fun are the most important points of fashion. And speaking of fun, next weekend sees my beautiful sister and sister-in-law visit me for my sister's traditional birthday girls weekend. I will be sure to post some pictures!

What are you looking forward to this week?

Fade To Grey by Visage


  1. This week is my spring break from teaching and I am looking forward to finally have my port removed....after about 18 months....so yay! I am also finally diving into the bathing suit arena, which you have advised me on in past posts. Because of chemo and radiation, I have not been able to be out in the sun the past 2 summers, so am looking forward to this summer. I prefer a 2 piece and tried one with a halter top. I thought that style would draw attention away from the lack of cleavage, but there was a little bit of gathering at the bust line that looked sad and empty and it did not work. I have returned it and am now waiting for my second attempt, which is a top that is more like a sports bra...we shall see.
    I love this drapped look on you. Beautiful way to glam up a long sleeve tee. You have such a knack for layering!

    1. Wonderful news, Vicky! I am so happy for you - that is a fabulous milestone. Hope the swimsuit works. I'm sure you will find something you love :) And enjoying the sun will make it all the better. xx

  2. Dearest Sharon. Thank you. So much. I´m about to have both my breast removed, and have been searching for such a long while after an idea of what to expect afterwards - in particular how I will look.

    Your pictures and story are an inspiration and hope to me. And it genuinely helps me to feel reassured, I am making the right decision. Every doctor tries to convince me to have a reconstruction but I know in my heart it is just not for me.

    So thank you for everything, I know I will continue to visit your blog in the future, and wish you all the best. ♥

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words. I am so happy this has helped and so sorry that you have to walk this road. There are lots of decisions to be made when you have to sacrifice your breasts and I think you have to choose the one that feels right for you. My best wishes positive thoughts for your upcoming surgery xxx

  3. Oh - and, may I just say, you look absolutely fantastic. Stunning. And so feminin. You really do ♥

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