Sunday, 3 April 2016


Well, that took longer than I thought! Uni has commenced again for me and between study and Easter and family, I fear I have neglected you. First things first. As promised, a picture of my beautiful sister and sister-in-law with me before we headed out to the Brisbane Comedy Festival:
 A good time was had by all!
Today, I thought I would talk about silhouette, and how considering it can make it easier to choose clothes you feel good in. The blog Into Mind has a really good explanation of this concept. I like variety in my wardrobe but I still find I gravitate to a few basic combinations. One of my favourites this year has been: 
                                       Flared or wide leg cropped pants +boxy short top +heels  
So here it is, translated into outfits for both casual and work. This is what I am wearing today for a lazy day at home avoiding study and procrasti-baking.
Top:Veronika Maine
Jeans: ManningCartell
And here is the work version of the formula.
Top: ManningCartell
Now, you can probably see that these are almost identical outfits. The shapes are the same. The colours are the same. The difference lies solely in the individual elements. I could wear the first top with the second pants and have a perfectly respectable outfit for work (in fact, I'm pretty sure I have worn that exact combination). Likewise, wearing the lace top with jeans would dress them up enough for me to feel comfortable going out at night with the girls.

Having that formula in my head has been extremely helpful when choosing individual pieces that will work with my wardrobe. It also makes getting dressed in the morning easy: if I want to wear wide pants, then I choose a top from the options that fit into the "short and boxy" category.  I have a few other silhouettes that I wear frequently, so over the next few weeks I will show you the casual and work-appropriate variations of those. What are your favourite combinations for outfits?

Oh, and yes! New hair! My hairdresser asked "Do you trust me?" I think my faith has been rewarded!


  1. 3 lovely ladies! And indeed, you should trust your hairdresser, that looks amazing on you :)

    As for the clothing and silhouette as well as combinations for outfits, thank you for the inspiration!

    I´m slowly trying to find out what will work and what wont work with the body I will end up with (After double mastechtomy, as well as possible weight gain due to surgical menopause after removal of ovaries and uterus, despite being on hormon replacement therapy)
    I always had large hips, so my body will be somewhat out of balance after the surgery.

    So for me, I think I will try to make my upper body look more "wide", perhaps a shirt with a boatneck, having my waist more defined (or not, actually), and then end with very flared pants. I´m a big fan of pants, that flare out from the widest area of the hip/thigh, so it appears more balanced, if that makes sense (my native language is not English, so bear with me :) )

    But your styles above also helps to inspire me to go elsewhere, and try more creative looks, I adore the last outfit you´ve shown, the long sleeves and the patterns in the shirt is so lovely.

    I´ve never worn pants that didnt go all the way down to (and cover!) my feet, so maybe that´s something I should consider soon. It looks fantastic on you at least.

    Thank you for sharing :)

    1. Thanks, Louise. I live in a warm climate, so I enjoy the coolness of culottes.

      I think your plan for clothes sounds really sensible: boatnecks look great with a flat chest. Part of the fun is trying things on and getting to know what feels right for you.

      BTW, your English is terrific - I would not have guessed that it wasn't your native language. I only speak English and am in awe of people like you who have mastered more than one language!

    2. Hi Sharon! Ah warm climate, of course, that makes sense :)

      Thank you for your support, I´m glad to hear that; the boatnecks was an idea in my head I just have - it´s hard to imagine how it will look like "live". Thats another reason I really appreciate your inspiration. I will undergo surgery in a few weeks again.

      Thank you for the English compliment, I do try! Gosh, I wish it was my native language - it contains far more words to describe things than my own does.

      Actually, we often use phrases from your language during the day to describe certain emotions, where my own language just comes short. Imagine that :)