Friday, 15 April 2016


Last week saw the death of a well known Australian writer and political commentator, Bob Ellis. I happened to be listening to the radio when an old interview of his was broadcast, and was immediately drawn in by what he was saying. He described most people as creating a large group of friends in their youth and then gradually losing them as they moved through life. He saw this as the mechanism by which we become "old" and felt that we lose something important to our sense of self by no longer having people in our lives who knew us when we were young and vulnerable and naive.

I found this fascinating, because I have recently re-connected with two old high school friends, and have been amazed at how easily we have managed to bridge the intervening decades and how comfortable we have felt in each other's company. Maybe it is our oldest friends who can not only tell us who we are but also remind us of who we were. Perhaps they provide the milestones that help us to appreciate both how far we have come and how much the journey has cost us.  And maybe they are the ones who, having seen us in our awkward, arrogant, unfinished, unpolished youth, are best placed to be forgiving of our middle-aged follies. Bob Ellis, thank you and rest in peace.

And so, to fashion. As promised last week, I am showing you another silhouette I wear frequently. It is essentially the reverse of last week:
  Slim pants +trapeze-shaped top
This is a particularly comfortable combination to wear in summer, as loose tank style tops work well.
Here is the casual version, which I wear often at home.

Top:Manning Cartell
Pants: Country Road
Necklace: Frank Ideas
Shoes:Jo Mercer
And here is the dressy, work version. Once again, you can see that the overall look is the same and the dressiness can be dialled up or down depending on the fabric and colour of the individual pieces and the footwear you team it with.
Jacket:Veronika Maine
I find this silhouette the easiest to wear in summer, because trapeze-shaped tops generally look good without a jacket or another item over the top. That means that on the really humid days, I can get away with a single layer of fabric and no sleeves and enjoy the cool. However, it is a simple look and I feel like I have to make sure the rest of my outfit is quite polished to be comfortable wearing it to work. These pants have a slight shine and the top is textured, so up close they look a bit more grown-up than the casual version. I also think wearing a heel and a jacket make most outfits more formal.

Do you still have friendships from back when you were young and reckless?

Reckless by Australian Crawl


  1. You look marvelous, Sharon. And so fit. You can just wear every colour that´s out there, be sure to appreciate that! I really like the idea of things around the neck to "distract" a little bit as well. Something I will keep in mind when I have to shop for "the new me". Also the shirt that isnt cut straight off at the bottom catches the eye.

    Very insightful way to think about what you heard in the radio. I find that the friendship I have from very early on do help me to remember who I was, and in ways makes me feel calm too. And it´s amazing to follow one I have known all my life (since daycare, without knowing it back then) and see what she blossoms into.

    I guess it also can be about how "okay" you are with your "earlier self". Some want to forget the past for various reasons. Then having someone from that time in your life can bring back things, you want to hide away (One can ask themselves, if it´s the healthy approach to take overall, but I´m sure you get what I mean).

    Loving the outfits, I hope to see more soon :)

    1. That's a really interesting point, Louise. I sometimes cringe a bit when I think about my younger self so I can understand not wanting to spend time with people who know that version of us.

      I'm a big fan of the statement necklace!

    2. Hi again Sharon - I have been reading your blog from the very beginning now, and thank you again for all the inspiration.

      I will have my mastechtomy in two weeks and it really helps me to imagine, what I can expect afterwards.

      Can i ask you; what did you wear in the months right after the surgery? Did you go "wide" as in shirts that were not shaping at all, or?

      I read that you, after 9 months, still felt a bit "lumpy" when -for example- going to the gym. Can you tell me more about when you felt more "brave" to wear shirts that sit closer around your chest?

      I´m still trying to prepare and find ways to "boost" the feminine side after surgery to prevent being overwhelmed with sadness (even though I know one cannot predict how we react)

      Gosh, forgive the English, you know what I mean, I hope :)

      Happy sunday to you, dear Sharon.

    3. Hi Louise, the early posts on my blog were about 3 months after my surgery, and I stuck with loose, trapeze shaped tops mostly. The first few months I had some nerve pain and cording and anything too close fitting was uncomfortable. I find the Heatech camisoles from Uniqlo really good as an underlay - they are soft and comfortable and I sometimes wear them as a top around the house. As to feeling brave, that is a process and depends on how confident I am feeling on any particular day! I think it is more about how I feel than how I look.

      My heart goes out to you being on a count-down. I think you just have to be kind to yourself, do the things that make you feel good and expect that there will be grief and that it will pass.

      Much love xxx

    4. Hi again Sharon, thank you so much for clarifying and telling me. It´s so beneficial with insight into what I can expect of this and that afterwards.

      Being on countdown - what a spot on description. That is exactly what it is.

      Thank you for your support and inspiration :) ♥

  2. Hi Sharon- I am planning on attending my 40th high school reunion this summer(How can that be!). I had almost no contact with anyone until my 25th reunion and when I attended that one, was surprised by how instantaneous and comfortable the relationships were after all that time. My theory is that in high school, these friends knew us before we were wives, mothers, professionals...none of the extras that now define us. They knew me just as "me" extra trappings. That being said, I approach this next reunion as a person who has just gone through a grueling year and a half and have a very different body...and I am strangely feeling odd about it all. Not sure why...
    Regardless, love the outfits as always. I love the high neck halter. I think that is a very flattering look with no breasts ( I am searching for a bathing suit with that type of neckline) and we don't have to worry about those pesky bra straps! :)

    1. Hi Vickie, reunions can be tricky. For me, the dilemma is how much to disclose. I really hate having "the cancer conversation" and it can be hard to avoid when your appearance is so different! Finding the line between integrating the experience into who I am or allowing it to define me has been something I have really had to wrestle with.

      The no bra strap thing is definitely a bonus. I think it often allows us to wear cooler, more youthful styles.

  3. Both are fab oufits!! I love this type of layering. It has cool crispness that is very attractive.

    My longest standing friendship goes back about 23 years, we met at church and I don't have any friends from school. I did keep up school friends for quite some time but then I found life changes took me elsewhere. I also feel I am quite a different person to who I was back then. And I have never attended any class reunions, I can't explain it but I just didn't have the desire. Oh I must sound like a very cold person but I am honestly not lol xx

    1. I can say with complete conviction that you are not a cold person, Deborah! I have never attended a reunion either, and have only kept with one school friend before this. That is probably why it was such a surprise to me that meeting up with friends from the past was so successful.

  4. I really enjoy your blog! I have been flat for just over a year. IT has taken a while but I am now enjoying the exploration journey and my new-found 'permission' to try new things. You're posts are inspiring! Thank you

    1. Thanks BethAnne. I hope you continue to have fun with you style journey!