Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Back to Black

I am not a big fan of black in the Queensland summer, but this season I have found some items in black that feel so cool and comfortable on that I have put my reservations aside.

                                                             Pants: Veronika Maine
                                                             Top: Cue
                                                             Shoes: Joanne Mercer

The wide-leg pants are in a thin fabric that swishes satisfyingly when I walk, providing the sensation of ventilation and the top has a cut-out back that keeps me cool. The top also has an interesting neck detail that provides volume  and movement over my chest in a way I think is quite flattering.
Cue have had a few tops in this style this season, for which I have been grateful as I like to  have enough work-appropriate tops in my closet to get through the week without laundry. This top is my favourite though, because the pattern has enough colour to make it versatile without being too boring.
The silhouette of this outfit kind of reminds me of Astroboy, but I think the drama and movement of the pieces when I am moving creates enough interest that I am not mistaken for a cartoon. What cartoon character would you be, if your clothes were the basis for your character?



  1. Those pants looks great. Lovely silhouette and the top provides a lovely feminine touch. I have just introduced Astroboy to my son:) Im not sure my clothes are the basis for any character I can think of, but I would be Ruby Gloom if I had a choice :)

  2. I had to Google Ruby Gloom. I am out of the loop now my boys are grown! I will be looking for red and white striped socks next time you post an outfit! :)

  3. LOL Sharon if I could I would!