Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Every 1's A Winner

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day, and although up in Brisbane we don't get a public holiday and although I was going to work rather than the track, it still felt like a good excuse to frock up.
I think this dress will be a favourite this summer, as it is soft and light to wear and the print is neutral and works with lots of different accessories. I have had a lot of trouble finding dresses that look good since my mastectomy. So many of them have been cut to accomodate breasts, and there is something a little sad about that empty fabric when I try them on!
 This dress has gathers at the neckline and an A-line shape that provides a bit of volume. It actually looks quite cute without the belt, too, but I wanted to define my waist on this occasion.

I was listening to some Melbourne Cup fashion advice on the radio a few days ago, and the stylist cautioned that it was OK for expose the knees OR the shoulders, but not both. Since I would hate to be arrested by the fashion police, I added a jacket over the dress.
I think the trapeze shape of the jacket works well with this dress. I have struggled with styling this jacket, as it is such a modern shape, but I think the key may be to pair it with a little more volume on the bottom.
It's always good when you feel like you picked a winner, whether it is on the track or in your wardrobe! I hope you all enjoyed the race that stops a nation, especially those of you lucky enough to live in Melbourne!



  1. Sharon this neckline suits you so well:) And I love the jacket. It is modern and so interesting. You definitely picked a winner.

  2. Sharon, I am so delighted to have found your blog! I can't even remember how I came across it now (I have chemo brain), but you are not alone. My BMx was December 2011, and my first thoughts were yours almost exactly.

    I have no-one to take pictures of me, so my 'selfies' are few and far between, but as I learnt what worked and what doesn't on my newly streamlined body, I started some Pinterest boards to keep track of clothes I liked. I did get some advice from some 'stylists' but as they seemed to follow the "scarves and high necklines" mantra I just keep experimenting. I have never looked to camouflage and wanted - as far as I could - to keep with a style that was still me, but that worked for me. I won't wear stuff that looks like something made for big boobs on someone with none! So, in my third winter now and with two summers under my belt, I have learnt some lessons.

    Always here if you have any questions. Also, have you found the closed FB group FlatandFabulous?

    Here's me http://www.pinterest.com/he4dgirl/boards/

  3. Thank you, Deborah.
    He4dgirl, so glad you found my blog. Yes, I am on F&F and have found it so helpful. I am looking forward to checking out your Pinterest board!

  4. This is my favourite. Suits you so well