Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Pumped up kicks

Well, I did threaten another post about work-out clothes, so if you are afraid of exercise, look away now! And then look back and commit to moving your body just a little bit more today. I promise it will pay you back by making you feel better!

One of the problems associated with weight training is all the mirrors. Whilst the singlet and crop combination I showed you a few weeks ago is fine for most exercise, it does worry me a bit when I do push-ups or rows or any other exercise that involves bending right over. Especially in front of the mirrors. With all the bros. This top has solved that problem for me nicely.

Tights:Lorna Jane
As you can see, this top has a halter neck that makes any inadvertent chest exposure impossible. I think this was designed as a yoga top to prevent Down Dog related incidents, but it works very well for my purposes. Just as with the crops, this has a shelf bra with padding built in. I didn't think the padding was as well-constucted as the Lorna Jane ones, so I took them out and I pop in the Lorna Jane ones when I am going to wear this.
I have had to be careful to make sure the top is pulled up high enough, as it cuts away fairly sharply at the back, but I usually find that if I get the elastic bottom of the shelf bra positioned correctly right at the beginning, I don't have a problem.
The only downside of this style is that it does show quite a bit of skin at the back. I suppose if you are doing hot yoga that would be a good thing. I figure exposing large tracts of skin at the back is better than exposing large tracts of skin at the front and I am sure the bros at the gym would agree!

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