Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Walk Like A Man

One of the advantages of being breastless is that it is much easier to rock an androgynous look. In days gone by, I greatly admired outfits with a menswear vibe but found that they were hard to wear well with a large bust. Now, I find the look easy to achieve but confess to a fear of being mistaken for a man! I think I have gravitated towards more feminine clothes since my mastectomy in part to avoid that possibility.
                                                          Top: Veronika Maine
                                                          Jeans: Just Jeans
                                                          Shoes: Wittner
My shoulders are the broadest part of my body now, so I am finding myself drawn to bootleg and wide-leg pants and flared skirts to provide some balance. However, the jeans and long sleeve T-shirt combination isn't the most feminine of outfits and I recognise that I do look somewhat boyish.
One of the standard pieces of advice given for dressing post-mastectomy is to wear scarves. Indeed, some of my lovely friends sent me scarves as post-op care packages, a very kind and thoughtful gift. I have scarves with more drape and volume than the one above and they definitely provide better coverage of my chest and a more feminine vibe. However, on this day I wanted a simple, clean look and hoped that wearing earrings, sandals and carrying a handbag would provide the requisite gender cues.

As it happened, no-one called me "Sir' and I enjoyed the freedom and simplicity of my boy clothes. I suspect that for me to feel comfortable with these styles I need to incorporate a few more feminine pieces. This is probably the time for more refined footwear or even a bit of lipstick! Anyway, playing dress-up is always fun and it was nice to experiment with a new style.
Do you have a style you yearn to try but feel too shy?