Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I Walk The Line

One of the dilemmas of dressing post-mastectomy has been deciding whether to stay true to my old  style persona or try to forge a new one. I was always a fan of a hint of bombshell, which usually meant emphasising my waist. However, many of the tops that have volume or pleating over the bust are quite an A-line shape, so I find myself sacrificing my waistline in order to  create the illusion of breasts. Conversely, tops that are fitted at the waist are often also tailored over the bust, and those empty darts and structured seams do not assist at all in the illusion of curves!
Top:Veronika Maine
Skirt: Cue
Shoes: Wittner
I think this top walks the line quite sucessfully. It is a peplum style, and comes in at the waist, but the bust has a lot of pleating and draping without a lot of shaping underneath and I think gives a very successful illusion of an hourglass shape.

The other thing I like about this top is that it also provides some volume over my hips, which I think gives some balance when I wear my much-loved pencil skirts.

Even the side view is not too bad, although I confess that I have given up trying to mimic breast projection on side view as it never really works. If I one day  have a outfit that requires that appearance, and it is important enough to me,  I will consider a prosthesis. For now, I will try to live my style the best way I can the way things are. Do you ever walk the line between your style preferences and the dictates of your body?


  1. Hello Sharon. I read the Precision Nutrition post featuring your inspiring story. I too found fitness/physicality around the same time as my own diagnosis for breast cancer and I have also chosen not to reconstruct. I am enjoying the change in how my body feels and looks, the confidence I feel, and I also feel, this new, flat, 0 cup body is the body I was always supposed to have. I am a member of Flat and Fabulous, a private facebook group for women like us and invite you to join, if you would like. Email me and I will help you get in. Keep doing the great work and enjoy you beautiful body.

  2. Here is my fitness story:

  3. Hi Sharon,
    I am in awe of your bravery and strength of character. I love that you are blogging about the challenges you are facing now with a body that is a whole lot different and after going through what I believe to be a very difficult surgery and the choice you've made not to have augmentative surgery just.
    I'm scheduling a mammogram for when I return from my daughters wedding and I must admit, I've been ignoring if for the last 11 years, but I have promised myself I'll be going.
    I'll be following you and thanks to Sharon from Stylish Murmurs for the introduction
    May your festive season be filled with many blessings
    Simply Sassy Style

  4. Hello, Sharon! So nice to meet you. I read your interview by Deborah at *Stylish Murmurs * and learned a great deal, and was, of course, mightily impressed. As I noted to her, you have great courage, lots of good sense, and impeccable style sense. You know how to dress! How lovely you look in your clothes.
    Thanks for making your experience, example and killer style advice available to us.

  5. Melly, it is a pleasure to be in contact with you through F&F.
    Wendy and Jan, thank you so much for your kind words.