Monday, 23 December 2013

Another Brick In The Wall

This outfit is another experiment with choosing tops that do not disguise the flatness of my chest.  I have tried on a few jersey tops with draping and cowls recently, but have not had success. I think because the fabric is quite thin they cling too closely and hang oddly. This tank is a knit, and the thickness and texture have made all the difference for me.  I bought this top a month or so ago, and have found it surprisingly versatile.
Skirt and top:Veronika Maine
Sandals:Joanne Mercer
Knit skirts have been very popular this year, and having worn this one several times, it is easy to see why. They are so comfortable that it is like wearing pyjamas! The tank is also soft and comfortable and, whilst I don't always wear them together, I do enjoy the optical effect of all those little rectangles!

The nice thing about a knit top is that it is a bit form-fitting and allows me to show my waist and hips. The bad thing about a knit top is that it is form-fitting and is not very flattering over my chest.
The horizontal lines at hip level and the larger rectangles of the skirt do tend to draw the eye down, so I was hoping that the overall vibe was a flapper-esque 1920's look. I have also added a chunky necklace over the textured tank, in the hope of breaking up the broad, flat area over my chest.
I understand that this is not a look that is as conventionally flattering as loose woven tops, but as I begin to feel more confident about my body I am starting to be willing to sacrifice the flattering for the fun and novelty of different styles. Especially when they feel like I am wearing pyjamas!
What are you willing to sacrifice figure flattery for?

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