Thursday, 31 October 2013

Mr E's Beautiful Blues

A little shout-out to The Eels, as it is, indeed, a beautiful day and this blue top is one of my favourites!

I discovered it in Target about a month ago, and found it so comfortable, flattering and easy to style that I immediately bought another one in a different colour! Having to replace enormous chunks of a wardrobe is not an inexpensive proposition, so finding something reasonably priced, in a style I liked, was a real win.
Skirt:Country Road
The style gives great coverage with the high neckline and armholes, and the ruffles add volume over my chest and provide textural interest and movement when I walk.
This is one of the few tops that I own where I feel that the side view is also quite flattering.

Oh, and did I mention it is machine washable? It really is the top that keeps on giving. I wear this or it's sister at least once a week. Do you have a style that has become a wardrobe workhorse for you? And if so, have you ever been tempted to buy it in other colours?

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  1. Sharon, great top! It is very flattering from all angles:) I hope you will show us the other one too.. please :) I have been very impressed with our Target over the past couple of years. It's very different to how i recall it from when I a child and my mum shopped there.

    I am guilty of buying the same thing in multiple colours, particularly oversized, drape tops for winter. I have a few that I have originally bought in the black, only to return to purchase in grey.. and I have worn both colours equally.