Friday, 25 October 2013


With apologies to Justin Timberlake - I'm sure he did not intend his song to be used as an anthem for middle-aged women!

One of the issues I have struggled with since my mastectomy has been how to dress in a way that made me feel attractive again. I had an hourglass shape before surgery, and I enjoyed dressing to show off my curves. Whilst I recognise that my fairly straight body can also look alluring, I do miss the bombshell look occasionally. So when I found this dress, I was very excited.
Dress: Country Road
Sandals:Joanne Mercer

It has a lot of gathering around the neckline and down the front, giving the illusion of curves and it is a very soft, silky material, so it feels very comfortable to wear.

Even the side view is fairly flattering, and the bright colours just scream summer!

Sometimes, what we wear can be as much about how our clothes make us feel as how they actually look. When I wear this dress, I feel like I've got sexy back and that is a very welcome thing!


  1. You have definitely got sexy back! I am pleasantly surprised the dress is Country's not what I would expect from them. I am constantly fascinated by how simple design details can create our desired shape and silhouette.

  2. I've been so impressed with CR this season. It's not a brand I usually gravitate to, but they seen to have lots of cool stuff at the moment.