Saturday, 26 October 2013

Good morning, sunshine

Summer is on it's way, and as you can see from these photos, the sun is already very bright even quite early in the morning.

I was always a sucker for a cowl neckline. There is something quite elegant about them. This, however, is not an elegant top. With the bright colour and bubbly texture it is bordering on a bit too young for me, but I enjoy wearing it for casual occasions. Sunshine yellow in the morning sun seemed appropriate for a Sunday morning! The pants are crops that I bought this season in order to have a light-coloured casual bottom to wear on weekends.

I think the draping and gathering of this top is quite flattering. It manages to both disguise the absence of breasts and give the appearance of a waist,  desirable qualities for clothes in my book.

My one concern was the cowl flopping open and exposing more than I wanted. I solved that little problem with a well-placed safety pin. Not the most elegant solution, but it got the job done. I may put in a little stitch once I am sure I am happy with how it sits. On a side note, the necklace was a gift from a friend and although I loved it, I couldn't work out what to wear it with. It turns out that it matches this top perfectly and fills in the empty space above the cowl beautifully. It was clearly meant to be. I love wardrobe serendipity. :)


  1. Sharon, I know this is about clothes, but I have to tell you how envious I am of your arms. My upper arms are just starting to show signs of "their" age! I think it's time to exercise and see if I can't get them half as toned as yours :). btw the top works a treat and creates a lovely shape.

    1. Thanks, Deborah. I am a late convert to exercise, as I used to hate it and really only started being conscientious about it in January when I began a program with Precision Nutrition. One of the unexpected surprises has been how much pleasure I have got from discovering my physicality, so now, like a reformed smoker, I am a bit evangelical about encouraging people to try exercise! :)

    2. That's the program Suz did and now works for .. yes? That is fantastic. I have a high tech 'walking machine' in my garage that I use very intermittently... I just need to find the discipline. You are inspiring me.