Sunday, 20 October 2013

Pump it!

I exercise most days. It keeps me healthy, it makes me feel good and it has helped me gain back some sense of power and ownership of my body. I love exercise. Exercise clothes, not so much. I found two main problems with most of the work out gear I had in my closet:

1.They are tight. And aside from being flat-chested, my chest is still a bit lumpy and bumpy. Yes, I know I'm probably the only one who would notice this, but it does make me feel self-conscious.

2.They are low-cut. I really don't want to show everyone in the gym my mastectomy scars every time I bend over or raise my arm. The end of my scar is visible with the low arm hole of this tank.

Luckily, there was a simple solution!
It turns out that a lot of sports wear is designed for women with small breasts, and a many of the sports bras and crops available have a significant amount of padding, in addition to good coverage.

The padding is very lightweight and removable and does not interfere with my work-outs, but gives me enough shape and coverage that I feel very comfortable wearing my usual gym wear.
Crop, singlet and tights: Lorna Jane
I bought this crop at Lorna Jane, where they have them in a variety of colours, but I am sure it would be possible to purchase something similar at any shop that sells women's sportswear. I have also found a few gym tops with high necklines, but I will save those for another day!


  1. Sharon, I didn't know about the crop tops with padding (but then I am an exercise phobe lol) . This looks good and very natural providing just a hint of shape. Nice find.

  2. Thanks, Deborah. I didn't know either, and was quite excited to discover that I had far more options than I had imagined I might.