Wednesday, 12 March 2014

China Girl

I have arrived home from a wonderful, interesting holiday, and am enjoying the warmth of a balmy Brisbane Autumn. After a week of cool and rainy weather as Hong Kong emerged from winter, I must confess to being glad to see the sun! One of the aspects of the trip I enjoyed most was to see the street fashion. Our guide informed us that Hong Kong has 50 million visitors a year, and the streets were full of people from all over Asia. However, there was a definite uniform and most people sported some variation of it, namely leggings, a short skirt or shorts, a top and then a short, puffer-style jacket and scarf over the top. Footwear was mostly flat, chunky-soled boots or Converse. It is both warm and practical for sight-seeing and commuting, and everyone had little variations that made the look their own. I fell in love with the style and decided to try to duplicate it when I got home.
Shirt:Veronika Maine
Shorts:Country Road
I'm not sure what the hand signals mean, but it seem to be the thing all the tourists did when having photos taken!
These are all items of clothing I already have in my closet, and whilst the jacket makes the look a little dressier than the outfits I saw on the street, and my boots are far less cool that the popular footwear, overall I was pretty happy with how it turned out.
The scarf overwhelms me a bit in these photos, and I would not wear it here without an overcoat when braving the elements, but I have left it on to provide a bit more outfit authenticity.

I love the practical, tom-boy feel of this style of dressing, and plan to incoporate it into my winter wardrobe more frequently. Isn't it amazing how seeing things in a different context can give a whole new perspective to the familiar? Have you ever had a wardrobe epiphany after being exposed to a new style?

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