Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Girls On Film

The Brisbane Comedy Festival is on currently, so on the weekend I went to see Hannah Gadsby perform. I usually see her shows, as she provides interesting, thought-provoking and funny perspectives on life, often with a bit of history and art mixed in. Her current show is about "selfies" and explores ideas about presenting a public persona, controlling your image and leaving a legacy. I found her ideas very reassuring, as one of the reasons I started this blog was to leave some happy and healthy images of myself for my family in case things went badly. It seems we all want some control over how others perceive us!
Top:Veronika Maine
Jeans: Country Road
Shoes: Wittner

This bustier is new and I love it. It looks great layered over shirts, giving a menswear/waistcoat vibe and providing me with some waist definition. I have added the ribbon myself to help it stay up as although I love the look, it really was designed to be supported with a little more volume in the chest!
Although I would happily wear this outfit as is when going out at night, it is a little too bare for my taste in the daytime, so when I wore it today I put my jacket on over the top.

My little sister is visiting me this weekend, celebrating her 31st birthday. We plan to take in some more of the Comedy Festival, so next week I hope to post some pictures of the two of us ready to hit the town. That will certainly be an event worth remembering! Do you have a photo of yourself that you love and would like people to remember you by?

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