Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Whiter Shade of Pale

This is a variation of the white-on-white outfit from a few weeks ago. It always feels fresh and cool to me to wear white during the really hot days of summer, and these wide leg pants are sufficiently light and breezy as to be almost as cool as shorts. My husband was concerned that the top and pants were not an exact match in colour. I tried to explain it to him, but it appears that shades of white remains as much of a mystery to him as Shades of Grey was to the rest of the male population!
Top:Country Road
Pants:Veronika Maine
Shoes:Joanne Mercer
Wearing lace-up shoes with a summer outfit is possibly a little incongruous and seasonally confused, but I am catching the bus to work today and we seem to be in the middle of a spate of afternoon thunderstorms, so in the interests of dry feet I have avoided sandals.
This top is one that I really think I should be giving a little more love. It has just the right amount of volume to look good both tucked and un-tucked and the gathering at the neckline is flattering. As you can see, I have also had fun with a statement necklace. The top has enough detail that it looks good without further decoration, but I wanted to bookend the black shoes.
Wide-leg pants and flared skirts have been a bit of a uniform for me over the last few weeks, as temperatures of over 40 degrees necessitate clothes that allow ventilation. I have actually found myself quite satisfied with that and have been introducing variety through accessories and footwear choices. Who could have predicted that I would enjoy a uniform after all those years of Catholic schooling! Do you have a uniform? If so, is it based on silhouette, season or a style you love?

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