Wednesday, 29 January 2014


One of my favourite actresses is Katharine Hepburn. She really is Hollywood royalty. I admire her grace, athleticism and aristocratic bearing. I also admire the way she wore trousers and shirts with a casual elegance that still looks beautiful today. Button-up collared shirts often appear in the lists that fashions magazines make about must-have wardrobe items, along with such exotic species as "the perfect pair of jeans". Button-up shirts and I were never good friends in the past, as I usually ended up with gaping between buttons at the bust and the fabric being pulled up from the waist, the final appearance being blowsy rather than crisp. However, it struck me that my new shape may be exactly what I required to get the Katharine look right!

Shirt:Veronika Maine
Pants:Veronika Maine
Shoes: Joanne Mercer
The shirt is a very soft, light cotton and although it is slim-fitting it has a slightly triangular cut and hence has no darts at the bust line. It has a pleat at the back that gives it a cocoon shape which de-emphasises my chest and whilst the front has no pleats or gathers to create volume, it has enough fabric not to be clingy.

I felt very comfortable and stylish wearing this outfit and I am quite excited to find another style of shirt that I feel happy wearing. With Autumn just around the corner I can see long sleeved button front shirts could become wardrobe staples for the cooler weather. And of course, I love the idea of channelling Katharine! Do you have a member of Hollywood royalty whose style you love and want to emulate?


  1. You look extremely elegant - thanks for sharing these pictures.

  2. You are very kind. It's all a bit of a learning experience!