Tuesday, 14 January 2014

She's Always A Woman

Well that's a title that really betrays my age, but I do love Billy Joel!
Last week I showed you one of my summer "uniforms" and this week I am wearing the other one I mentioned, namely a flared skirt with a tucked top.
Skirt:Veronika Maine
I am enjoying wearing flared skirts this summer, as to me it feels very feminine to emphasise my waist and create volume over the chest and hips. I think recreating an hourglass shape is the silhouette I feel most comfortable and attractive with.
This top is the same style as the one I showed you a few months ago, and whilst I have not found the pattern to be as versatile as the other one, I like the detail around the neck. It is a trapeze style, so it also looks good untucked; in fact, probably better. But today I really wanted curves!
Last time, I mentioned that this style had an interesting back detail but I forgot to show you, so this time I made sure I got a snap.
I watched "Bill Cunningham:New York" this week, and one of the things he said really spoke to me: "Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life". I have not yet resorted to helmets and shields, but I know exactly what he means and I am grateful that fashion gives me the ability to emphatically define myself as a woman on those difficult days when I feel like I am on shifting sands.


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