Sunday, 9 February 2014

All The Small Things

I struggle with how to put together casual outfits. My natural aesthetic preference is for fairly dressy looks, so I often feel a bit scruffy in more casual clothes. However, I have come to the conclusion that it is the details that make the difference between outfits looking either thrown on or pulled together.
Shorts:Country Road
I have been wearing variations of this outfit for several weekends, and feel like it gives me just the right balance of casual and polished. The top is soft and drapey and the high waisted shorts are cool and comfortable. Not a spectacular look, but neat, presentable and smart enough to wear out.
Daytime clutches have been trending for at least a year, and I have not really got on board because I usually have a lot of stuff in my handbag. On the weekend though, I can be unemcumbered and a clutch is fine to hold some cash, my phone and a lipstick. What more does a girl need for a lunch date? Having bare arms, wearing a bracelet and carrying a clutch provides a visual focus away from my torso, so I can get away with a top that is a bit less busy.
I am wearing flat sandals here, but I have also worn this outfit with heels when I was meeting a girlfriend for dinner. For me, carrying a clutch and wearing heels were enough to make this feel dressy and smart. Sometimes it's the small things that make all the difference. Do you have small things that make a simple outfit feel special?

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  1. I find throwing on a scarf often elevates an suggests effort when really not much was take :). I think this outfit looks fab:). Very nice proportions and it reads as dressy to me. I'm a lot like you tho in preferring g dressy to casual and I also struggle with shorts.