Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Cover Me Up

The lovely Angie over at YouLook Fab wrote a post on the trends for Spring 2014 recently, and although we are out of sync with the Northern Hemisphere fashion cycle, I still find it very interesting and exciting as many of them dribble through to our corner of the world. One trend that caught my eye was for cropped tops, particulary as Angie suggested wearing them over longer tops to avoid the bare midriffs that the young folk are rocking.
Crop top:Cue
Shoes:Joanne Mercer
The top and skirt are items that have been in my wardrobe for a while, but I feel like they have been given a new lease on life by the addition of the crop top.
I have been on the hunt for clothes that will give me back some semblence of an hourglass shape, and the peplum effect created by the tight top and the colour-blocked panels over the loose underlayer is exactly what I was searching for.
The crop is a stretch knit fabric and is quite firm so I think even women with breasts would look a bit flat-chested wearing this. The black panels have been cleverly cut to give the impression of a curve, so I think the overall look works well with no breasts.
The back to the top underneath is also layered so it is mostly covered up, although the underlayer of blue fabric will be exposed when I move around. I have never liked this top that much, but I love it with the upper part covered by the crop. Do you have tops that you only like wearing when partially covered up by a jacket or cardigan?
Cover me up, Jason Isbell

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  1. Thanks for showing this! I have to fit a peplum to myself for a sewing class, and I was almost in tears, thinking about how it would look on my flat chest. But you have shown me a way. Thanks again!