Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Forever Autumn

Last week, I mentioned that I had been experimenting with transitioning my wardrobe into the cooler months. Today I wanted to show you an experiment that I felt happy with and which had the added bonus of giving a second chance to a top that I haven't worn since my surgery.
Shorts:Country Road
Booties: Wittner
This is a silk T-shirt that I used to wear with my pencil skirts to de-bombshell them and make them a little less dressy. My husband hates it. He thinks it is both too dark and an unflattering shape The last point we can definitely agree on - fitted on the chest and loose on the waist is not my best look! I like the colours and it is certainly soft and comfortable, but it feels way too boyish and casual now and consequently it has gone unworn.
However, I was pleasantly surprised with the effect I got by layering over a jacket. I think the whole outfit immediately looks dressier, and the shape of the jacket produces a much less boyish silhouette.
Admittedly this is still a fairly casual look, but I don't feel quite so much like a teenage boy who has snuck out the window to play World of Warcraft at his friend's house.
And the back is all kinds of cool. I am looking forward to Autumn and wearing this jacket with some of the loose tops I have already shown you. Sadly, even with the jacket, my husband still hates the T-shirt, but I think it could be a good way to bring a bit of fun and youth to some of my Autumn outfits.
How do you transition your wardrobe between seasons?


  1. Sharon this looks really good. I like the tee. Rather than looking boyish, I find it looks youthful and fun. The outfit has great proportions and I like the colours on you a lot. On it's own the pattern on the tee actually creates an illusion of shape... clever. I don't know if you are actually referencing the song "Forever Autumn" by Justin Haywood, but you have just taken me to a happy place... I loved that song :)

  2. Haha, yes. I try to pick a song for each of my posts and Forever Autumn seemed appropriate given the space theme of my T-shirt and the War of the Worlds connection (and, of course, Autumn)

  3. Sharon I love the aubergine colour of the jacket and that fab detail on the back. I am staying in Australia until July - on sabbatical from Ireland. I only brought one wardrobe with me and I will have to transition to the cooler months by wearing leggings with my dresses and some cute cardis. Love your fashion sense :-) Marie